Seminar Feedback

“Seminar was informative! It flowed well and time just flew by. The subject matter was so pertinent to our current situation and we look forward to putting our estate in order. That you for this opportunity.” Craig & Robin Lyerly

“Great information for gathering thoughts about planning for the future” Louis & Sandra J.

“Great information, nice length” James & Kristen Schockett

“Seminar was very informative. Wonderful and knowledgeable staff” David & Sue S.

“Seminar was very informative, fun and easy to understand” Britt & Truddy D.

“Seminar was very interesting, learned a lot” Debbie S.

“Great information that will not only help my father, but myself” Mallie B.

“Seminar was very informative. Made me realize I need to seek counsel with this firm to start my estate planning process” Merdikae W.

“Very informative and educational. We did not realize the opportunities to prepare for our future and distribute assets to our loved once. With our father living in our home and the need to prepare for long term care, this time was a great investment. We look forward to meeting with Cheryl and her team”. Don and Jennifer R.