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The information shared was very informative. Attorneys were very knowledgeable and the staff members were extremely pleasant.
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We’re glad you’ve arrived at our Estate Planning Center! Here you’ll discover how important estate planning is and learn more about the most important issues – and available tools – when it comes to planning for your future as well as the future of your loved ones.

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Why Estate Planning is Important

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your loved ones. An estate plan can help you meet financial and family goals that are important to you. With the help of our estate planning attorneys here in Greensboro, you’ll learn about the many choices you have as you plan for the future such as Medicaid planning, wills, living trusts and powers of attorneys. Our firm can also help you to learn about the legal process for the management of your estate, such as probate and trust administration, and you’ll receive the estate planning guidance you need to create a more secure future for those you care about.

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Elder Law: A Special Focus at the Law Offices of Cheryl David

The elderly often face significant challenges such as health care, Medicaid issues, and costly nursing home care. Many families suffer financially – or lose their whole nest egg – when costs for an elderly or incapacitated loved one get out of hand. However, there are ways to protect your assets from such circumstances. Our elder law and Medicaid attorneys can guide you in this important – and ever-changing – area of the law, as well as with Medicaid planning, and related issues that the elderly face.

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What Should I Know About Probate?

Probate is triggered when someone dies with a will, or when someone dies with no will but with assets that need to be transferred. After the loss of a loved one, the last thing any grieved family member wants to think about is managing assets. The Law Offices of Cheryl David can walk you through this process and ensure that the complex legal issues are not something you have to worry over. Use a trusted attorney to protect the interests of those you love.

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