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We’re glad you’ve arrived at our Estate Planning Center!  Here you’ll discover how important estate planning is and learn more about the most important issues – and available tools – when it comes to planning for your future as well as the future of your loved ones.

Our Law Offices and Estate Planning Center: Greensboro, North Carolina 

The Law Offices of Cheryl David are conveniently located in Greensboro.  We help families in Greensboro as well as in surrounding areas with their estate planning and related services.

Why Estate Planning is Important!

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your loved ones. An Estate Plan can help you meet financial and family goals that are important to you. With the help of our estate planning attorneys here in Greensboro, you’ll learn about the many choices you have as you plan for the future, such as Medicaid Planning, Wills, Living Trusts and Powers of Attorneys, as well as the legal process for the management of your estate, such as Probate and Trust Administration, and you’ll receive the estate planning guidance you’ll need to create a more secure future for those you care about.

Elder Law: A Special Focus at the Law Offices of Cheryl David

The elderly often face significant challenges such as health care, Medicaid issues and costly nursing home care.  Many families suffer financially – or lose their whole nest egg – when costs for an elderly or incapacitated loved one get out of hand.  However, there are ways to protect your assets from such circumstances.  Our Elder Law and Medicaid attorneys can guide you in the important – and ever-changing – area of Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, and related issues that face the elderly.

Those Who Plan Their Estate Are Very Glad They Did

Whether it’s creating a will, a living trust, planning for loved ones who have special needs, or creating an estate plan that has specific terms for individuals, you’ll be glad that you took the step to develop your personal estate plan.  It’s a very important step, even if you feel that you do not have significant assets.

An Estate Plan Makes Things Official and Legal

Your estate – whether large or small – is important, and should be protected.  An estate plan that is created just for you, according to your wishes, can help ensure that your assets are managed the way you had anticipated.

Avoiding the Courts

Avoiding “probate” (which means the courts) is one of the biggest advantages of having an estate planning attorney guide you in developing your estate plan – a plan that legally protects your assets.

Minimizing Estate Taxes – Another Advantage of Estate Planning

Many families are shocked at how estate taxes and other costs can cut deeply into a nest egg that has been built up over many years.  Unfortunate surprises such as these can be avoided if one has an estate plan created with the help of an estate planning attorney.

Changing Family Dynamics Emphasize the Need for Estate Planning

It’s a fact that family dynamics today are a lot different than a generation or two ago.  Second marriages, ex-spouses, ex-in-laws, stepchildren, children from a previous marriage, gay and lesbian couples … these circumstances often call for very specific plans to ensure that assets are distributed according to specific wishes and needs. An Estate Plan can help.

Legacy Planning: Beyond Legal Matters

Many families have more than financial or real estate assets that they want to protect and pass on.  Our legacy planning services help such families protect “softer” assets such as heirlooms, collections, art, meaningful memorabilia and the like.

Other Estate Planning-Related Services from the Law Offices of Cheryl David in Greensboro

Our estate planning attorneys will gladly explain the other legal and advisory services available to you as you plan for those you care about.  Other tools and services we offer include:

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